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Marzetti® and Wendy's®...a Delicious Partnership

Marzetti and Wendy's have partnered to bring you a delicious menu of salads featuring preservative-free dressings.

Since the Marzetti flavors offered at Wendy's are exclusive to the restaurant, they are not available at retail locations. However, we offer numerous varieties through Marzetti and our other brands at stores across the U.S. Browse through our Web site, and chances are you'll find a flavor very similar to your Wendy's favorite!

Look for these delicious varieties at a Wendy's near you

Avocado Ranch
Avocado Ranch
Creamy Red Jalapeno
Creamy Red
Pomegranate Vinaigrette
Lemon Garlic Caesar
Lemon Garlic
Classic Ranch
Classic Ranch
Fat Free French Style
Fat Free
French Style*
Italian Vinaigrette
Light Classic Ranch
Light Classic
Thousand Island
Thousand Island*

* Not available at all locations

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